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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

No pain no gain as Year 9U2 battle injuries and still manage to complete Gaudi final pieces

Thanks to Millie Cotterill for taking these photos yesterday of her Year 9 group as they finished off their Antoni Gaudi mixed materials (level) pieces and Evaluations. Miss Johnson and Miss Townsend tell me that despite a broken wrist and a set of broken fingers in the group - they still managed to do the biz and get everything finished off to a good National Curriculum level and on time. Nice one Brandon and Callum - and Steven who finished first.

Even the Evaluation seems detailed,
well presented and 'in the style of''.

Wake up!

Broken wrist - but what has Ross got the thumbs up for?

When everything was finished our students then did the usual AFL (Assessment For Learning) exercise and went on to level their own work. Nice one. This will now be used as part of our tracking and reporting to parents.

Great to see so much mixed materials being used and coupled with all the pattern, flowing contours and use of colour I think the architect himself would have been proud of you.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Party poopers Charles and Ruszczynski join in the fun with Charlies Angels and Year 10

Although old timers and party poopers Charles, Ruszczynski and Robinson were not keen to come to school wearing their pajamas for Red Nose Day (not a pretty sight I think you will agree) they nevertheless joined in the party atmosphere down in the Art Department on Friday. Charlies Angels - Shipley, Russell, Townsend and Willocks - raised an amazing £173 on the day for the cause and gave us all a treat when they posed in their pink and blue PJ's. Well done the brave girls.

Freaky hair and non school uniform creates a great atmosphere - but work still progresses on the African Art A3 design sheets

Thanks for a great lesson you lot. A rose surrounded by thorns .......

See what I mean. Some very detailed and well composed studies.

Danika hiding behind her sketchbook.

Two more stars in the group who always work their socks off and can be relied upon to do their best .

Richard and Shane - on task - full on focus.

Keep up the concentration Natalie. Back to normal uniform next lesson. Sorry.

Victor - another A for effort student.

Lizzie proudly shows off her Quink Ink and bleach study. What a star.

If you think her hair is bad you should have seen Ella's killer heels. Nice designer leather jacket Jess.
The 'girls' - always keen to be in the frame and get their pics on the blog.
As understated as ever - Charis in her pink to make the boys wink gear.
Meanwhile the pressure tells and Miss Russell gives it a few zzzz's in class.

An finally, here come the girls. This sexy quartet as you've never seen them before. Bring it on girls. Not really the right kit for ceramics or mono printing lessons so back to normal next week eh. £173 well spent if you ask me - and it all goes to such a great cause. These beautiful belles are going to have to work hard to reestablish their cred. Only sensible comments about their appearance and colour scheme please. Night night, sleep tight. Thanks for making it happen on Friday.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Assembly Rooms Photo Teasers

After the success of the opening of our Assembly Rooms Exhibition I am delighted to report that we have over 70 photographs of the night. Unfortunately this is too many to display here on the blog so they are going into a 'Gallery' accessible via The Art Department Homepage on the school website. A notification will be posted when this happens.
In the meantime here are just a few visuals to remind you of the great work on show - and a few individuals you might recognise.

Thanks again to everyone who turned up. Please post a comment (as usual - because of the moderation process this may take up to 24 hours to appear!).

Friday, 6 March 2009

An Assembly Rooms Message From Mr Ruszczynski

We want the School to be a Gallery. As people walk in they should see computers, technology, sports fields, science labs and other visible signs of a broad curriculum. Art has to play a major role in promoting the school values which are based on creating students with a broad view of the world.

The Artwork is of a very high standard and students should reflect on how high quality is reached. In the case of art, there is relentless hard work which produces the high quality at the end. In this world where things happen very quickly on MTV, You Tube and digitals visuals, the craftsmanship in some of the artwork takes a long time to reach perfection. This is a great example to young students.

Good Art raises aspirations and makes people think. The work produced by our students does this every day to nearly 1,700 students.

Mr Ruszczynski

Assembly Rooms Exhibition

Thanks everyone.
I’m itching to see all the photos from last night so I’ll get them posted as soon as possible. Your work looks great. Well done you lot.
Everyone will agree that the Trash project, Designer Footwear and Self-Identified Brief has led to some very personal and technically sound outcomes. Over the next two months it will be seen by 16,000 visitors. Tate Modern – look and learn.
Thanks again to everyone who turned out and made it a great night. More news and pics to follow.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Isabelle Waldron Through the Lens

When I spoke to Isabelle about her work she didn't have much to say. What! That's not like Isabelle - I hear you say. Little did the staff know that when we encouraged the use of photography in the exam project it would lead to such stunning photographs. Once again the starting point 'Red'has been a major influence.

Isabelle tells me that the artists Ralph Goings and Georgia O'Keeffe will feature in her artist connections. Great photo's eh? Nice one Isabelle.

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