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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tom Woodward New York Photo Gallery

A huge thankyou to our 12 AGCE student Tom Woodward (pictured halfway through this gallery in Times Square) for sharing some of the hundreds of photos he took during a recent 6th Form residential visit to Manhattan. Tom was rarely seen without an SLR camera dangling from his neck - and we're glad he made the effort, because his creative use of photography has resulted in a collection of images that perfectly sum up the buzz of the city. Thanks Tom!

KS3 Homework: Look through the 32 images and respond to the tasks that follow them (after the last image):

KS3 Homework: Respond to the following tasks:
  • Pick your favourite photo and describe it.
  • Why have you made this choice?
  • Do any of these photos show ‘one point perspective’?
  • Make a quick ‘postcard sized’ sketch of it.
  • This is a very urban environment. In how many of the 32 photos can you clearly see a tree?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Design Your Future!

A hugely informative day out with some of the 6th Form art students at the 'Design Your Future' show in the Manchester Central venue. The hall was wall to wall with universities advertising their creative courses, and the event also ran several lectures relating to the university application process. It was great to see such a healthy array of courses on offer (reflecting the UK's position as a world leading exponent of creative industries) and there was a real buzz about the place. From speaking to members of our party on the way back.. some 'game changing' conversations were had... and everyone felt a lot more 'clued up' in general.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thanksgiving Day Parade

Our last scheduled activity was the Thanksgiving Day Parade at Macy's. Like the Empire State Building... The photos do no justice to the scale and atmosphere that defines just about every aspect of this city. Here are just a few of the inflatables on show. Also missing fro this post is the little New Yorker (aged about 7) who excitedly identified every character just before they hove into view.

Another day...

Another $ (spent, that is). Killer breakfast (as far as my arteries were concerned!) and on to MoMA. If you've never been, it's like a who's who of modern art. Walking from gallery to gallery, one could be turning the pages of a book about modern masterpieces. Phenomenal! Then a quick stop by Bloomingdales. After that we posed for the Times Square EarthCam (getting plenty of attention from the locals [which is not bad going considering this is NewYork!]) then on to The Empire State Building observational deck (floor 86!) for a mind blowing view across Manhattan. Back into Tines Square for an evening meal before bed. Thanksgiving Day parade in the morning. New York is RELENTLESS!

Picasso painted some very important pictures!

This one is just for Emma-Jane!

The view from the ground...

.... and via the webcam!

If I could only describe the degree to which the photo does not do this view justice!

Times Square... For the last time?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Midnight in New York...

.... and my body clock doesn't know which way is up!!! So time for just a few photos from today. After a breakfast at the local diner (plates of food bigger than some student's heads), we yomped up 5th Ave (after calling in at Macey's) to visit the Guggenheim and The Metropolitan. Tired legs then wobbled us up Broadway again this evening for dinner. MOMA tomorrow (Mr Charles is so excited he can barely... Actually no... He's out cold!).

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