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Monday, 30 January 2012

Quad Light-Drawings

As part of the recent Year 9 Enrichment Programme, ninety of our students attended a workshop at QUAD in Derby. Take a look at these experimantal pictures - which show lots of energy, team work and an ability to interpret a set brief. This is just a taster of the work undertaken on the day... watch this space for more to come!

Group 1:
Kids - although these images have become very abstracted - you will probably be able to recognise yourselves. Interesting eh? Charlotte Plant says she is the white squiggly one. Rebecca Adams is in red. Bethan Benham is next to Charlotte.

Paige Sheffield can see herself - she is the first on the left.

Brief: Your interpretation of a 'Fireworks Display' and 'Interesting Silhouettes'.

Jess Friedrichs and Emma Webster are on the right. Georgia Battersby is the yellow star.

We think the silhouette is Tom Mack - standing on a chair.

Emma again, and friends, being very angelic. Charlotte is all 'heart'.

Amy White is doing the kicking and Lauren Butler is supporting her.

We think it's Sophie Brown making musical notes.

Tom Mack on the floor again - just fallen over from his hand stand!

Group 2: 
Cameron Walker thinks Emily Slack is the one on the floor. Is he correct? Louise Gregory did the big circle. And that's me - says Heather Bolton.

Frencesca Wigley did the smiley face. The lightning bolt belongs to Charlotte Kelly.

Cameron did the blue face and Jay Johal did the blue 'J'.

Loise is 'reaching for the stars'. And Heather and Gemma did all the squiggles.

Lilly can recognise herself on the left.

Harry is exploding with thunder on the left says Lilly.

Can you see the hand stand?
Jess Tatlow with hands on hips - poser.

Notice the hand stand and arched back. Wow. Shannon likes to play 'bridge'.
Emma Newby and  Jess Gibbs.

Louise and Gemma are all up front. 

Jessica and Lilly are running circles at the front.

Jess Gibbs drew the horizontal blue line - and J J again.
Shannon and Emma dancing the circles and rectangle!!

We think Megan Heappey wrote 'I LOVE YOU'

Shan is really Shannon Crawford.

A whole group photograph that got everyone involved.
We think it's Isobel O'connor with the big fancy bunny ears, Says Jessica Tatlow!!!
Evie and Claudia back to back with guns at the ready to blow the bunnys big ears off!!

Group 3:
Johanna Rosser is the one in pink - surrounded by Chantelle Reid and Chloe Loomes

Kate Allen is all in red.

Who is on the floor? Is it Lewis Clarke? And Chloe Loomes again. Erin Dilkes drew around Johanna. Chantelle and Kirsten with the 'afro'.

Katherine has a big heart!!

Adelle and Bronwyn are lifting Lewis (?). Matt drew around them.

Amelia and Chantelle were drawn around by kirsten, Chloe and Johanna.

Kates on fire!! Annabelle's gone music tastic!!

Yo Fam - drawn by Lewis.

KAKA HECA are the initials of the kids - can you work out who they are?
Katherine, Anna, Kate, Ashley, Hope, Ellie, Callum and lastly Annabelle


And finally, a group portrait ....
although you will not be able to make out each individual, the people will recognise themselves.

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