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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Killer heels, junk food and glam red lipstick does it for Townsend

This part of the blog continues with our Year 11 GCSE students response to the Art Examination question paper that has just been released. One of the starting points is simply called 'Red'. In these series of photographs our students check out a range of ideas and interpretations.
Thanks to Nicola Dakin, Charlotte Tunnicliffe and Lucy Dolman for their involvement and Jacques Wakefield and Becki Lopuc for getting all their own resources organised.
Junk food and killer heels - well they do say the project is a reflection of the teacher.


  1. yuuum! donuts

  2. I like the plane engine compressor picture it is good with all the detail on each and every fin.

  3. my favourite pic was the Apples and Rasberrys because the detail comined with the tone is amazin
    it looks like a pic off high qulity camera

    from Clarky

  4. amazin piccys! nice donuts!

    miss russell's class ruless!!! haha! year 9 wooooo.

  5. This Is Homework But Lucy Dolman
    I Am Loving That Red Lipstick On Yoou :P

  6. i love the photo of the red shoes and the red beaded neckalce i love the colour !!!


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